About myself (aboutme)

About Jose L Cuevas

e: jcuevas at mac dot com

I'm a grease-monkey that likes to get things done. Programming is my passion, my hobby, my conversation topic on a social outing. From programming some of the topics that fascinate me are compilers and scripting languages. Love to play and toy out of boredom with LR parsers, yacc, lexx, AST. Made some scripting languages, build some language converters, sold a VisualBasic to RealBasic converter to Xojo Inc, added a messaging based OOP to the Arena scripting language among others. Currently working on a server side javascript cgi/module for apache to run js code synchronously. (Not much of a fan of spaghetti code and don't get me wrong while await/async attempts to make things civilized I still miss the beauty of php/ruby/python.)

I like to play with every language, technology and frameworks I can get my hand on. I have many years of programming experience and had the good luck to experience many technologies and their evolution first hand. I have actually written real programs in assembly, C, started with VisualBasic 3 back with Windows 3.0. From there I have played with things like qbasic, Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, DB2, CodeWarrior, MPW, PalmOS, FoxPro, perl and so many more, things that you only find now on wikipedia. I started programming web applications with CGIs written in C and Perl. I have come to love javascript and php and I uses them every day. In all of this evolution I like to think that im quite pragmatic when it comes to technology and context dictates the technology, the tools and the approach.

At home I like to play with electronics making silly computer controlled contraptions. Started with PICs, BasicStamps and now enjoying the beauty of arduino and raspberry PI.

I do have a social life. I love outdoors. I enjoy kayaking in the mangrooves, a good hike, I also like running. I'm a father to my awesome boy who has a funny fascination with Legos, Start-Wars and contraptions. Mary to a lovely wife, we enjoy running races together (she can really run distances!).

I care a lot for the environment and dedicate whatever free time I have to help. I have my own DIY solar system at home, have help others get started with renewable energy. Started the ASES Solar-Tour in Puerto Rico and help founding the Caribbean Renewable Energy Society (CARES). I sort of try to run the CARES website, where I try to have a one-stop source of information for renewables in Puerto Rico. I have built a couple of calculator and tools for the website also. (visit us at I work for the beach rescue "Rescate de Playas Borinquen" a non-profit that protects and maintains beaches and adjacent areas around Punta Borinquen in Aguadilla.

I have 8 years in the US-Army, I enjoyed 4 years in Germany, got deployed to the Balkans conflict and started my computer fascination while in the Army. I developed my first true system there, oddly enough a system for Managing Human Remains and Recovery Operations.



My resume is available in PDF here.