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About Jose L Cuevas

Email: jose at uprm dot edu
Email: jcuevas at mac dot com

I'm currently the Director of Information Technology at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. I started in this position back in november 2009. While I enjoy the challenges of setting a direction and vision, what I enjoy the most is executing it. I'm a grease-monkey that likes to get things done. Programming is my passion, my hobby, my conversation topic on a social outing. From programming some of the topics that fascinate me are compilers and scripting languages. At home I like to play with electronics making silly computer controlled contraptions.

I do have a social life. I love outdoors. I enjoy kayaking in the mangrooves, a good hike on foot or with my mountain bike (not a pro), I also like running. I'm a father to my awesome boy who has a funny fascination with Legos, Start-Wars and contraptions. Mary to a lovely wife, we enjoy running races together (she can really run distances!).

I care a lot for the environment and dedicate whatever free time I have to help. I have my own DIY solar system at home, have help others get started with renewable energy. Started the ASES Solar-Tour in Puerto Rico and help founding the Caribbean Renewable Energy Society (CARES). I sort of try to run the CARES website, where I try to have a one-stop source of information for renewables in Puerto Rico. I have built a couple of calculator and tools for the website also. (visit us at

I have 8 years in the US-Army, I enjoyed 4 years in Germany, got deployed to the Balkans conflict and started my computer fascination while in the Army. I developed my first true system there, oddly enough a system for Managing Human Remains and Recovery Operations.



My resume is available in PDF here.