Software (softw)

Below you will find some useful things made by me.


A PHP framework for web applications.
Visit ExpressCode site here.


"Yet-Another Pad Calculator", is a pad calculator for Windows and Mac. More info here.

Rich TextEditor Plugin for jQuery

This plugin is inspired from the original work of Batiste Bieler. This version is a rewrite of his RTE Light Plugin to make it easier to modify and extends its functionality. It provides the means to easily build your own toolbar buttons as needed without making invasive modifications to the plugin. It also exposes a basic set of events that you can use to register callbacks which should be suitable for must needs.

This plugin does not use iframes and implements a different behavior compared to RTE Light Plugin and other RTE plugins.

Project hosted at Google Code here.


A messaging object oriented meta-language that mimics BASIC in top of PHP.
Visit ckMSG page.


BAXIC is an experimental BASIC like programming language. BAXIC is actually an interpreted object oriented scripting language. BAXIC combines the easy to learn syntax of BASIC with plenty of modern features. BAXIC borrows many ideas from Visual Basic, REALbasic, C, Phyton and Java. BAXIC is a sand box to experiment with programming languages paradigms and concepts. That said do not expect BAXIC to ever become a finished product. It will always be an alpha project. We do our best job at documenting the project but sometimes that becomes an impossible project on its own. Perhaps the best source of documentation is to look at the examples and ask.

Project hosted at Google Code here.

REALBasic Plugins

ckUtils is a set of modules for REALBasic. Visit the plugin page at rbxckuitl.

ckZLib is a module with a port of PHP methods gzCompress,gzUncompress, gzInflate and gzDeflate. Download .


An indispensable utility to manage colors and find that perfect color from anywhare in your screen. You can poke anywhere in your screen, create, edit and view Photoshop color swatches.

Download ColorPoki 3 for MacOS X 10.4, 10.5.x, 10.6.x (Freeware)